Seeking Wholeness

front1“Seeking Wholeness is an important and pioneering work that celebrates and deepens our experience of the sacred in the ordinary.  This book will sure assist anyone interested in inner work.”
ROBERT A. JOHNSON, author of Inner Work, Owning Your Own Shadow and We

“Readers will find Roland Evans a trustworthy guide to expand the horizon of the possible.  Seeking Wholeness shows how to respond to a call from the future self.”
REB ZALMAN SCHACHTER-SHALOMI, author of From Aging to Sage-ing and Jewish with Feeling

“In Seeking Wholeness, the author’s gentle voice draws us forward page by page as he shares his inner life and that of his clients.  We discover within ourselves the deepest joy of our everyday experience.  This book is a gift to the spirit.”
ALAN COMBS, author of Radiance of Being and Synchronicity

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By JERRY RUHL, author of Living Your Unlived Life and Contentment

What a wonderful gift Roland Evans has offered us.  In this book he casts his net wide and pulls in many stars.  He dares to ask the “big questions” of life, concerns that we ponder at 3 a.m., in times of turbulent transition or quiet repose, questions like: What kind of life is worth living?  Why am I suffering, and what should I do?  How do I know what is the right decision?

In Seeking Wholeness, Roland gives us a guide for living.  He challenges us to see in fresh ways.  We might call it process psychology, a set of tools for approaching experience as a moving, ever-changing flow, a movie rather than a series of still photos.  This way of understanding life as a flowing, interconnected system is part of a new paradigm that has emerged in many different disciplines — physics, biology, ecology, economics, philosophy, even organizational management.

While Roland’s work is brimming with ideas, it also remains open to mystery, wonder, and awe.  At its core Seeking Wholeness is guided by and infused with an intense spirituality.  This is psychology that fully embraces the depth of psyche and does not artificially cordon itself off from cosmological concerns.  By showing us practical strategies for bringing the sacred into daily life, it provides rich food for the heart and the soul.  You don’t need to be in the helping professions to understand and benefit from this book — anyone interested in cultivating inner growth and integrity will benefit from the stories and exercises contained within.

This is a book to be savored, lived with, and returned to again and again to help deepen the experience of your own life journey.  Enjoy.  Read More Below…


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