Finding Your Soul Match: A Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime

A truly lasting love is not easy to find. As adolescents, most of us entertained fantasies of discovering our soul mate—a bond so perfect nothing could disturb its devotion. Sadly, reality is not straightforward: real relationships are complicated and messy. If we are unlikely to discover our one true mate, how should we go about choosing a prospective partner? How do we recognize a good enough match for our souls?… read more

Hugs and Quarrels: Marriage as a Sacred Journey

The title of the talk is “Hugs and Quarrels” because that is what we do when we are married: we cling together and we push apart—hopefully we come together more than we part but both seem to be essential in an evolving marriage… read more

Rebuilding Relationship After an Affair

After an affair, if the couple decides to stay together, they have to approach the relationship as if they are starting afresh; they have to rebuild their relationship. Like a bridge that has collapsed, the relationship has to be constructed on a solid foundation—or it may falter again… read more

Dreams and the Dreamer

As we approach our own dreams, even with all the book learning in the world, we are often mystified.  Dreams are somewhat opaque; they do not give up their meaning easily… read more

Inner Talents

We all have talents; we are all talented.  Talents are those formless inner urges and potentials that demand outer expression.  When our work is a manifestation of our talent, we become a channel… read more

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Good therapy is a pebble tossed into a still pond.  After the initial eruption and  crisis, the ripples of change travel ever outward, reaching distant shores.  These waves of energetic influence may move out into the world, touching family… read more

Presence: A Core Principle of Transpersonal Psychotherapy   

A transpersonal approach to psychotherapy requires that the nature and being of the psychotherapist become a central subject of attention.  Presence, in all its manifestations, can be used as a core principle in our exploration of what it is to be therapeutic… read more

Conflict and Conflict Resolution

At some stage in almost all situations involving two or more people, there will be either explicit or covert conflict.  How the participants or leader deals with this conflict has enormous importance for the future functioning of that relationship or group and its ability to function… read more

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