Age 60: Tasks of Aging

When you get to age 60, you know that you have used up possibly 3/4 or more of your  life span.  Now is the time to get real with yourself, face reality and get your priorities straight for the latter part of your life.  Here are some thoughts on the tasks of aging.

Face Reality:
Reality 1. You are old and getting older.  Your body is deteriorating and you will experience increasing disability, discomfort, pain and illness.  No point in whining and complaining–just accept it all as inevitable and natural.  Remember, your are in the tiny minority of all humans in history that have lived this long.  Don’t waste the precious gift of longevity.
Reality 2. You will die–and sooner rather than later.  Death is the big trip, so be sure you are packed and ready when the time comes (which may be tomorrow).  Have you lived your life to the full?
Reality 3. Time, energy and attention are your most precious and scarce resources–everything else is extraneous.  Never sell your time (for status or money) to someone else for less than it is worth to you.  Use your energy and attention for those things that are essential and life-enhancing.

Get Your Priorities Straight:
You do not have the time to mess around.  Get to grips with the reality of who you are and what is most important in your life.  Procrastination is the life stealer.
Your priorities need to be:
Your Self – not your ego or personality, fears or desires but what is essential in your being.  Take care of your soul first and your outer life will follow.
Your Relationships – your capacity for love and connection is essential.  Practice love and gratitude every day, particular with your partner, children and close friends.
Your Legacy – the enduring difference you make in the world that contributes to humanity.  Will you die totally satisfied with your life?  What do you still need to do and be?

Our relationship with and appreciation of the tasks of later life are changing rapidly.  It is no longer a time for torpid retirement, sitting in the armchair, idling away the hours.  It is a time to take stock, make some powerful intentions and live life to the last drop.
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