Couples Counseling

I have been happily married for over 30 years and have found that relationship provides some of my most life-enhancing experiences.  Working with couples who want to stay together, my intention is to help them resolve differences and difficulties in order to reach a deeper, more fulfilling level of trust and intimacy.  Not every couple should be a couple, but everyone can learn skills and abilities to enter into a satisfying relationship, now or in the future.

Primary relationships are essential for our emotional and physical well-being.  They can drive us into the deepest despair or offer us a glimpse of the eternal.  When things go wrong, when there are conflicts, misunderstandings and rejection, then we experience hear-wrenching misery.  In contrast, some couples who have worked on themselves and their relationship reach a level of intimacy and connection that can only be characterized as spiritual.  Even on a mundane level, relationships are where we learn to love selflessly–to practice compassion, kindness and appreciation every day.

My approach is to first help couples resolve hurts and conflicts and learn to communicate with more clarity and caring.  With time, I support couples to create a relationship that is not only lovingly supportive but positively transformative.

For those who cannot make it to my office, I offer sessions via skype.  I have found that joint counseling within the home environment helps couples make changes naturally and easily.

I am particularly qualified to provide couples counseling, in-depth therapy and practical advice to mature couples or relationships that begin in later life.