Counseling for Men

I am particularly interested in working with men age 45 and older.  As an older man with a wide range of life experience, I have insight into and experience of the challenges and life events that arise in the second half of life.  This is a time to re-evaluate priorities, change direction and resolve personal and relationship problems.

C. G. Jung tells us that after middle age we begin to shift our awareness inwards, to explore the meaning and purpose of our life.  It is a time to reflect on and decide what is most essential, what we still need to accomplish and what is stopping us from realizing our utmost potential.  I believe that once we near age 60, we need to face a new reality and revise our life priorities (see Age 60: Tasks of Aging).

I offer counseling for men to help with:

  • Career and workplace challenges
  • Life dissatisfaction and frustration
  • Making life-changing decisions
  • Retirement and later-life planning
  • Re-evaluating and renewing relationships
  • Divorce and its consequences
  • Spirituality and personal growth