• A Little Course in Dreams.  Robert Bosnak.  1986.  Shabhala.  An excellent exposition of dreamwork.
  • Dreams: discovering your inner teacher.  Clyde Reid.  1983. Winston Press.  A small but useful introduction to Jungian dreamwork
  • Dreamtime &Dreamwork.  Ed. Stanley Krippner.  1990.  Tarcher.  A selection of writings on dreamwork.

Transpersonal Psychology

  • Care of the Soul.  Thomas Moore. 1992.  HarperCollins.  A classic guide to cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.
  • Inner Knowing.  Ed. Helen Palmer. 1998.  Tarcher/Putnam.  A selection of inspired writings on consciousness, creativity, insight and intuition.
  • Sabbath.  Wayne Muller. 1999.  Bantum Books.  A passionate argument for slowing down and making our lives more sacred.

Jungian Psychology

  • Jung: Selected Writings.  Anthony Storr.  1983.  Fontana.  A comprehensive introduction to Carl Jung’s main ideas and writing.
  • Living Your Unlived Life.  Robert Johnson & Jerry Ruhl. 2007.  Tarcher/Penguin.  How to recognize and fulfill your purpose in the second half of life.
  • Mirrors of the Self.  Ed. Christine Downing. 1991.  New Consciousness Reader.  A selection of writings on the application of archetypal Jungian ideas to self-development.


  • EMDR.  Francine Shapiro and Margot Forrest. 1997.  Basic Books: HarperCollins.  A popular introduction to the benefits of EMDR.
  • EMDR Institute.  This site has some useful studies of EMDR.
  • EMDR International Association.  This is the professional organization for EMDR practitioners.


  • Born to Win.  Muriel James & Dorethy Jongeward.  1978.  Signet.  An old but very readable application of Transactional Analysis to personal experiences and relationships.
  • Love and Awakening.  John Welwood. 1996.  HarperCollins.  A transpersonal and spiritual approach to intimate relationships.
  • The Invisible Partners.  John Sanford.  1979.  Paulist Press.  A very insightful application of Jungian ideas to relationships.