The Course in Marriage is a work in progress and is available to read as online text or as a pdf download.  For text click read more; for the pdf click on the Chapter Title.  Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Contents and Introduction
Committed relationship, marriage, is the longest, most complicated and demanding project we will undertake in our lifetime. The container for our hopes and dreams… read more

How to Use the Course
You enjoy being together, everything is going well but you sense something is missing; you wish there could be more. Maybe you’ve hit a rough patch and there is more friction than you wish… read more

Chapter 1: Sharing
We join our lives with another person for many reasons: to be with our beloved, to build a life together, to have children, to grow old together. We look for love, support and companionship… read more

Chapter 2: Growing the Relationship
Life is change and movement. That is the nature of the universe and of the life energy that flows through every living thing. We have to change, evolve and grow… read more

Chapter 3: Personal Change
To grow a relationship requires that each person make a commitment to become the best partner they can be. That does not mean trying to be a different person, or trying to change our personality… read more

Chapter 4: Types of Relationship
Relationships are mysterious. They grow in a spontaneous way out of our hopes and dreams, fantasies and needs. No one teaches us how to choose the right mate, how to create a life-long bond… read more

Chapter 5: Visioning Your Relationship
The essence and purpose of relationship is to share and to grow. How do we put sharing and growing into practice? How do we make sure that we are headed in the right direction?.. read more

Chapter 6: The Relationship Dilemma
Relationships are challenging. No two people experience the world in the same way; each has a differing viewpoint. Individuals in a couple often disagree about even the simplest thing, like who said what and why they said it… read more

Chapter 7: Attachment
The way we relate to a loved one is very individual. We enter relationship with different needs and expectations, different experiences of how it is to love and be loved. Some of these attitudes are extremely beneficial: sharing, forgiving, affection… read more